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Kitzy Graffitzy

my random trash

Kitzy's Graffitzy
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Ikons and Grafiks made by Kisu
House of strange and terrible graphics made by katzy formerly known as LOPETA currently known as kisuvampyr or the chick with the twilight pervcons :), and dudes and dudettes with homeless icons. Got random graphics you make sporadically that arn't enough to make your own icon journal? Need a place to flaunt them? PSHOPERS! VAMPIRES! LJ-MEN/WOMEN! LEND ME YOUR......well don't lend me anything but give me your pixles, your banners, your icons, your random weird psp art and I'll give them a place to stay :). Come on in, enjoy the oddness, and msg me if you want posting access.

All posts will be open until someone else posts a new entry at wich time the previous entry will be friends only so PLEASE join and comment, we love comments!